Lesson 1205 – Pulke Herb Infuser and ripped tongues

This blog is all about children, chickens, and life lessons, but when I discover (or in this case get gifted with) something that is absolutely phenomenal and worthy of attention, well then I just have to crow about it.

I went to a party last night and was given this little beauty:

It’s called a Pulke Herb Infuser and basically it’s a giant herbal teabag for your soups and stews. As one who *always* ended up with the bay leaf in her bowl (seriously, it’s like it was magnetically attracted to me) and who knows that it’s not pleasant to bite into bay leaves (or rosemary twigs) I am all over this.

You put your herbs and spices in the drumstick shaped infuser (someone has a sense of humor) and then place it in the pot while your soup cooking. When you are ready to serve, you remove the infuser and voila, soup without the tongue ripping action of various spices (again, damn you bay leaf.)

With all the snow we’ve been having lately, this household is just begging for a good, hearty soup. It’s on the menu for this weekend and I’ll be sure to post a photo of this wonderful little infuser in action.

Note: The infuser is about 6 inches long making it something to use in a large stew pot as opposed to a smaller pan.

Not affiliated with this product or Oto Design – just passing on good information when I find it.


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2 responses to “Lesson 1205 – Pulke Herb Infuser and ripped tongues

  1. I have to say, it is an interesting concept. But it does look incredibly large. And I bet it is no joy to clean afterward. I prefer the ‘wrap it with twine and toss it in the pot’ approach. If only I had some twine though…

  2. so where does one find one of these infuser chicken legs?

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