Lesson 1189 – My egg teeth


I know that many of you are anxious to hear about my ketogenic journey (and yes Rich, that would be a great new blog, *if* I had the time – which I don’t.) Last week went extremely well. I had salads, broccoli, olives, onions, mushroom, eggs, cheese, and meat. I can truthfully say that I was happy with the food, was never hungry and even with such a *dense* diet (and yes it was dense, I would highly suggest fiber supplements and tons of water if you do this) I started to see the number on the scale come down.

And then I went and broke a tooth.

Here’s where it’s time to confess. I have HORRIBLE teeth. I’d like to blame it on my Lyme disease, but much like a chick’s egg tooth, my teeth were not designed to be permanent.

It doesn’t matter that I brush and floss. My chompers have always been bad (but my husband still loves me.)

I’ve had so many back teeth pulled that I was left with one molar on which to chew. Of course when that happens, you start using your front teeth to chew and I began noticing that those teeth were starting to get tiny chips. Not such a good look.

The biggest thing about having only one molar for chewing is that it creates a lot of stress on the molar located above and this weekend, that tooth finally gave up the ghost and decided to shatter (as in many, many tiny pieces.) This leaves me with nowhere to chew in my mouth (and if I’m going to be honest, it meant that for that first night, when I realized that I had no choice but to see the evil, evil dentist, I switched from the ketogenic diet to the ever popular beer and chocolate diet.)

I currently have no way to eat meat and vegetables and trust me, I completely realize how pathetic this sounds, especially from someone who is relatively intelligent, who has dental insurance, but who doesn’t go to the dentist because she is so darn afraid of them – which in the end makes me relatively stupid. (For people who know me, the fear of dentists is equal to my fear of snakes, irrational but heart stopping none-the-less.)

I have an appointment tomorrow to see a dentist who will start reconstructing my mouth and I know the discussion will involve the terms – implants, and bridges. My little heart is already skipping beats in anticipation.  Let’s just say that it ain’t gonna be pretty (or comfortable.)

For now, I’m on soups, eggs, and if I’m careful, I discovered last night that I could suck on cheese and crackers (although not the ones with pepper jelly on them, sucking pepper jelly makes you cough and cough and cough.) Once I’m in fit form, I’ll be back on the ketogenic diet.

But for now, it’s a plate of scrambled eggs (thank God for the flock) with cheese for me.


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2 responses to “Lesson 1189 – My egg teeth

  1. dandbcastor@gmail.com

    I must say I really feel for you….several years ago I found out that I needed 10 crowns on top of the 4 that I already had. I was determined that this would not control my life for 2 or 3 years and I insisted that my dentist do all 10 at once. I figured I could endure anything as long as it was over as quickly as possible. So, my advice is grin and bear it and get it done, so that you can relax about it. It took 2 successive days to do the prework and then it wasn’t bad after that….Best of luck!!!

  2. Sarah

    So sorry to hear about your teeth and your dentist-phobia. I went for years in terror of the dentist and didn’t-wouldn’t go. Even abscesses, broken teeth wouldn’t get me there, even with insurance. Two things happened. I discovered a dentist who does a lot of work for Medicaid, and he used nitrous oxide. Medicaid dentists have seen everything, so they get to work on things other dentists have never seen, AND GET GOOD AT IT, and the nitrous relieves anxiety tremendously well. That was maybe 10-12 years ago. I no longer need the nitrous and have built a terrific relationship with my dentist. I’m not eager and happy to run in there 3 times a year, but no longer paralyzed and I have much better teeth.

    On the eating front, do you have a blender? I know the food looks ugly, but my parents never bought baby food for me or my sister, just blended up what they were eating, and they were definite meat eaters. Might be worth a try if you like the keto diet, and start getting bored with eggs. LOL.

    Wishing you ALL THE BEST!

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