Lesson 1160 – Lyme Disease update Fall 2014

This pillow is at our doc's office. We like to turn it into a puppet.

This pillow is at our doc’s office. We like to turn it into a puppet.

Yesterday, 3 of us in the family with Lyme disease went to visit our doctor for a check-up.

All of us have been off of medication for at least the last two months and we’re in that terrible holding pattern where you worry if an ache is really an ache or if it is the disease returning.

Although it is very likely that at least a few of the 5 people with Lyme in our family will have another relapse at some point (it’s already happened to all of us) for now, we are cautiously optimistic that things are under control.

In my case, I still have some low-level symptoms including:

  • Leg muscle twitches
  • Eye twitches
  • *Some* pain in the bottoms of my feet (nothing like it used to be)
  • Digestive issues (there are some foods I just can’t eat anymore and forget hard alcohol – instant belly ache)

Who knows if these symptoms are a result of getting older (but I hesitate to use that excuse because really, 55 is the new 30), permanent damage from the infection, or if they are the result of bacteria still setting up shop in my body. The only way to really know is to wait and see (something I’ve never been that good at.)

I can tell you though, that I do not feel like I did last winter when I had to use my hands to crawl up the stairs due to pain and muscle weakness, and where I told my doctor that if he could just cut off my legs above the knees I ‘d be fine (one can still write from a wheelchair was my reasoning.) I was in a boatload of pain back then.

These days I’m regularly doing hot yoga and I have plans to get back to swimming. The challenge now is to try and drop some of the weight that was put on during the time when getting off the couch was just not worth the effort. You can only understand the pain of Lyme disease if you have Lyme disease, you’ll just have to take my word that it is an all-encompassing, body-wrenching pain.

The steps we will be taking to manage our Lyme (and general health) this winter include:

  • Supplements (Fish oil, Vit D, and Vitamin B)
  • No sugar or at least reduced – (I know, with the holidays this is a tough one for all but the most motivated)
  • No processed food.
  • Plenty of clean water
  • Reduced wheat products, use ancient grains or organic flour in cooking
  • Regular exercise – walking, yoga, biking, swimming

It’s not really rocket science, in fact it’s what everyone should be doing, if there’s anything positive about our Lyme experience, it’s that we finally realized we have to work to maintain our health. Good health does not  happen all by itself, you’ve got to want it and you’ve got to work for it.

Unless we have a problem, our next check-up is in 3 months.


As always, I share our experiences with Lyme disease and co-infections to educate and raise awareness. This is the treatment my family is getting, it may not be what is appropriate for you. Ask questions, find a Lyme board, join a support group, and if you suspect you may have Lyme disease consult your physician.

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One response to “Lesson 1160 – Lyme Disease update Fall 2014

  1. nancy

    A timely and encouraging blog post! I am right behind you in my own recovery, with most of my symptoms – and the worst, thank goodness – resolved. Lingering leg twitches also top my list of complaints, which is NOTHING compared to the host of symptoms that plagued me 18 months ago. As it was with you, the staircase was my arch enemy, and amputation (or even death) seemed like viable solutions to the pain that was ravaging me. I hope you and your family enjoy continued good health. Thanks for sharing your journey!
    I will be sharing this entry with my Lyme support group whose members are desperate for anecdotal evidence that things will get better. Indeed, they will.

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