Lesson 1149 – A living Hidden Pictures puzzle

My life is a living Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzle.Yesterday we had people on our roof fixing the flashing on our 13 (yes 13! skylights) because, well, around here, when it rains, it pours, if you get my drift.

The girls were not happy with the leaf blowers the workers used to get all the pine and leaf debris off the roof and then there were especially not happy when they saw large, hulking shapes moving around on the roof above them for most of the day.

After all, a hawk by any other name is still a hawk (especially when you don’t have the best eyesight.)

I found our chickens hiding in the back:


Ahem, the girls are supposed to be on *this* side of that fence.

I found our chickens hiding in the front:


Poor little chickens, while I ran to find my pencil so that I could circle all I could find, the girls huddled in the woods, not daring to come back out until the big, bad, men had gone away. Better safe than sorry – a very rational philosophy if you’re a chicken who wants to live to see tomorrow’s morning.



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