Tintag Item Tracker – could this eliminate kids being forgotten in cars?

This just came across my desk (literally this morning) and while I plan on writing about it for a Parenting App column, I want to pass on this information now (the column won’t come out until November.)

Tintag attached to keysEvery year, I see story after story about kids who have been left behind in hot cars because distracted parents simply “forgot” about them. Someone, somewhere needs to invent something that will stop this, I keep thinking when I read about yet another death.

Well, this little device; Tintag could potentially eliminate that situation.

Of course it could also help you find your keys (something I lose *all* the time) as well as your purse, wallet, phone or any other item that you need to keep handy, but I think that one of the best applications is to attach one of these to your baby (you could pin in on a pant or shorts leg) and then if you walk away, a beep would signal that you’ve left something behind.

Tintag could be a game changer with regard to kids in hot cars.  Check it out.


For all of us busy-minded people that sometimes (several times…a day) lose sight of our important stuff, here’s the newest, technology-improved gadget for lost items: Tintag. The best thing about it? You simply recharge it with its Home Base companion and it’s ready to go for another 4 months. No need to replace its batteries or buy new devices when batteries run out, like other tracking devices (Tile or TrackR bravo) oblige.
The basic story is somehow the same: Tintag helps you locate at all times any object you’ve lost, big or small, near or far. The app on your phone allows you to easily determine the whereabouts of any items that have a Tintag attached, it works on iPhone AND Android phones.
BUT beyond the basic story Tintag solves a few important problems that the others have missed, at least until now.
The first rechargeable item tracking device
Battery use was until now perhaps the biggest complaint of item trackers users. Tile makes you buy another device, TrackR bravo or Duet makes you replace batteries.
“Making it work was quite a technical challenge since there were several parts we had to build ourselves from scratch. But we made it and Tintag never leaves you dry. It recharges wirelessly and after 6 hours it’s ready to go for up to 4 months” says Andrei Vig, Tintag’s Co Founder.
How do I find my stuff?
Unlike other tracking devices, Tintag offers two ways to locate your items: with the beep of the buzzer or quietly with a flicker of lights. Just check the app on you phone and activate one or another. Neither rings a bell? Check on your phone the history of locations where your item was last seen and you can easily remember where you’ve left it.

One can connect the same Tintag to multiple phones

If for instance, both you and your spouse want to simultaneously locate your kid or your dog you would have a hard time using traditional item trackers that won’t be able to connect to more than one phone. Meanwhile, one can connect the same Tintag to multiple phones even if we’re talking connecting the same tracker to an iPhone and an Android phone.

Item out of sight? Find it through a network of hotspots and Lost&Found Community.

The Home Base charger can also work as a hotspot that scans 24×7 for Tintag devices, so with the help of the network of hot spots you can track down your lost items even from afar. And when someone finds your lost item and enters your Tintag’s unique id on found.tint.ag, a notification will be immediately sent to you, with the location of your item.

Shipping prototypes this November

Since the backers of earlier campaigned item trackers had to wait even 12 months to get their hands on their devices, Tintags’ plan is to ship the first 500 functional prototypes as soon as November 2014. “Although we’re talking prototypes and not the fully functional product (that will come in April 2015) our users will quickly get a taste of Tintag.” says Alex Chis, Co Founder.
Aggressive promotional offers

To strengthen their competitive edge its Co Founders will price one Tintag plus its home base charger at $19 during the crowdfunding campaign about to start on the 8th of September. People who sign up to their email list until then will receive an extra Tintag for free during the campaign.

Note: I have no connection with Tintag, neither am I being compensated in anyway for this post. Just passing on good information when I see it.



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3 responses to “Tintag Item Tracker – could this eliminate kids being forgotten in cars?

  1. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    This seemed to me to be a great product, a lifesaver.

  2. This sounds great. I reblogged it onto my blog.

  3. fngrpntr

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for posting this. I’m going to get a set for my dog, whom I almost lost last winter . . .
    I have another device on her right now (Tagg) but it’s not as reliable as I’d like it to be, and the company isn’t great about upholding warranty. Also they charge a monthly subscription fee.
    I don’t see anything about a monthly fee on this one. Looks great!

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