Lesson 1099 – All in a summer’s day

I’m been getting a lot of questions from people who either have Lyme disease or suspect that they may have gotten it (after all we’ve had a great summer perfect for hiking.) It’s encouraging to hear that people are asking questions and challenging what their Doctors are prescribing (or not.) This afternoon five of us have our checkups with our LLMD, I’ll give you a progress report on how everything’s going tomorrow.

In the meantime, this has been the summer of day trips. Last weekend we visited an historic boarding house in Portsmouth, NH where John Paul Jones once stayed. Jones was made the “the father of the U.S. Navy” by Roosevelt mainly due to his statement when asked to surrender by the British – “I have not yet begun to fight.”

Apparently he was a kick butt kind of guy (he was also dug up from under the streets in Paris and his corpse brought back to the U.S. but I digress.)

Props to John Paul Jones, but this guy creeped us all out a little bit.

Props to John Paul Jones, but this guy creeped us all out a little bit.

The house also happened to be where the Portsmouth Peace treaty was signed between the Russians and the Japanese. Pretty interesting stuff right around the corner, all you have to do is look.

We’ve been to many regional activities this summer. Thought I’d share a few of the photos from some of those adventures.

At first, we weren’t too sure about this fair. It seemed, well, a little ominous.


But then my daughters saw the vendors and we knew everything was going to be okay.


There had stuffed animals as prizes!

IMG_20140719_154050303_HDRAnd balloon toys!



What fair would be complete without this handsome guy?



We’ve tried incredible new food – this is Thai bar-b-Que beef with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.


Because of the summer grocery store drama around here, we’ve had to rely on farm stands where we get lovely fresh vegetables like these:


And we see stunning plants like this one.


Why this summer, I even tried on a mustache.


Yup, it’s been a good one so far and we still have a few weeks left.

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  1. I hope you’re all over, cured, and otherwise fine where the Lyme Disease is concerned, and the fair looks like a child’s dream!

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