Lesson 1094 – Tiny Living in a Big House – Tiny step: Living room hassock

With 8 people living in our house, six of whom have jobs, things tend to be dropped wherever there is an open spot. I got this little hassock years ago when Marc sprained his ankle and had to keep his leg elevated. It was the perfect height, it glided on springs – it was what we needed. Then.

It’s important to note that prior to that we had never had a hassock. We’re not exactly hassock-kind-of-people.

Marc’s ankle healed and instead of moving the hassock out, I kept it BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW when you are going to need to elevate your foot again, am I right? The hassock sat in the middle of our living room and because no one had an injured leg, it was used as another surface on which to place things (usually books, opened mail, and laptops.)

This was our hassock:

And this is our hassock after taking my tiny living in a big house tiny step:

Sometimes living tiny means taking a hard look at what you have and then deciding what it is you really *need* to have. We don’t need a hassock. If we have another sprained ankle, I’ll improvise or worse case, I’ll go to a thrift store to get an inexpensive *temporary* solution (heck, I might even borrow something), but I’ve decided that I’m not going to hold on to things, just in case there might be the remote possibility that I’ll need them again someday.

Living tiny in a big house means that you get rid of things you simply don’t need anymore.


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3 responses to “Lesson 1094 – Tiny Living in a Big House – Tiny step: Living room hassock

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    What a sane approach, Wendy. 🙂
    I have so many “just in case” belongings. Maybe it’s time to do another purge.

    • Wendy Thomas

      With us, it’s always time to do another purge. With 8 people, things seem to find their way into our house or are no longer needed and we don’t have the time to move them out.

      Slow and steady, my friend. Slow and steady.

      On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Lessons Learned from the Flock wrote:


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