Lesson 1093 – Those darn kids


A see a look of defiance here.

I see a look of defiance here.

These kids are going to drive me to an early grave!

Remember that plastic netting fence that we put up to keep our juveniles out of our neighbor’s yard? Well not only have the juveniles figured out how to get around it, but they’ve also found out that if you fly onto the top of the netting, it creates a very comfortable hammock on which to rest.

This is so exasperating! I see none of this behavior with the older, more mature members of our flock. They’ve learned their lessons – life is comfortable near the coop where everything is protected and safe. I don’t see any of them wandering off, deliberately looking for trouble. It’s only the reckless, devil-may-care youngsters who flaunt us with every breaking of a coop-yard rule.

“Ha, just watch us go over to the forbidden area, we do it because we can.”

It’s not like we aren’t trying, but still, it is us, who are ultimately responsible for our chickens’ behavior. Yesterday, when we noticed that our chickens were once again in our neighbor’s yard, Marc went over to talk to our neighbors and apologize.

Turns out they have absolutely no problem with our chickens roaming in their yard. Their dog doesn’t even seem to mind and get this, they are actually happy to have our chickens on their property because they’ve noticed that their cat, who roams in the woods, has less ticks this year.

Go figure.

Of course, now that going next door is no longer forbidden, I’m sure that these kids will come up with some other behavior with which to test us. Let’s just say, that I’m making sure the car keys are well out of reach – we certainly don’t need any rebellious chickens on the roads around here.

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