Lesson 1090 – Have mercy



Now that swim team is over for the summer, the kids have a little more time to spend with all their friends. Aye-yi-yi! – and just when does school begin again?

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2 responses to “Lesson 1090 – Have mercy

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    Right with you, Wendy. I’m in week two of a three-week stint with no camp for the peanut. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by how well we’ve adapted, though I have to give kudos to my next door neighbor who has generously “adopted” Meghan at the adamant request of her three year-old son who has developed quite a thing for my ten year-old daughter. I’m feeling a little guilty, but I figure she’s getting a free mother’s helper and I’m getting a little peace and quiet.

    Still, I am longing for a return to my usual routine. Morning pages and yoga and morning walks have all been painfully absent since the summer chaos began. I’m looking forward to September like I imagine the animals on the Savannah look forward to the rainy season after a drought. If I can just hold on a little longer …


  2. Oh, well. I live now in Florida and last year my daughter and grandson, now 17, moved from NH into the house with my husband and me. This year he will be a senior. The school year starts August 16th. Yes I said August. The bus last year came at 6:16. It will be maybe 10 minutes earlier this year. Yuck. I don’t look forward to school starting.
    He also has been taking 3 on-line classes this summer so his only break was for two weeks way back at the beginning of June. He is not done and may not be when school starts. He is one who has to be “encouraged” for each transition as he has some learning disabilities and also has high functioning Aspergers.
    I must say that I love having them both here but I also loved our privacy. They push me to do more but I was liking doing less.

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