Lesson 1079 – Tiny living, blue jean aprons and flowers

Today I have a post on Hari Kaur Benzin’s blog – Tiny House Family about Living Tiny in a Big House. As many of you know, I want nothing more than to live in a tiny house, there’s just something about a place you could call your own. (A writing room of her own, perhaps?) For now, though, I’ll just have to be content with learning how to live tiny in a big house.

If tiny living and tiny houses intrigue you, pop over there and take a look. Also, look at the picture I included with my post – I managed to get Amazing Lego Mama Hen inside the tiny house – oh tricky me.


Fantastic Blue Jean Aprons!

I put this one up on my Facebook page, but I was so tickled with it, I thought I’d share it on my blog as well. We went to the Stratham fair this weekend where there was a section of New Hampshire Made products. One vendor the Skinny Towel and Washcloth company  had these incredible blue jean aprons. They had two varieties (jean fronts and backs.) The straps are strips made from jean legs that are threaded through rivets at each the side of the apron and are long enough to wrap around and tie in front (it’s best if you thread the ties through the belt loops to keep the apron from sagging.) There is very little sewing, in fact, it looks like they just cut the pants (long enough to cover the pockets) and then sewed it with a serger to finish it off. Each apron was $10 (I also purchased some of the skinny towels because, well, what another great idea.)


You’re going to have to trust me on this one, but my legs are really much larger than those pencils there.

Where was this thing when the kids were little? Instead of pawing through my purse, I could have whipped out a tissue or an emergency lollypop in a heartbeat. It would also be great to wear around the chickens and in the yard – now where did I put my reading glasses, oh here they are. After I purchased one, I wore it all day at the fair (and a few people even asked me about it.) It was a perfect place to keep my phone (much better than in my back pocket) and some cash. It’s easy enough to make if you are handy but honestly, for that price, they can make it for me and I’ll just proudly wear it.

Always happy to pass on a great idea.

And then there’s this. After the fair we headed over to Portsmouth where they have some incredible community gardens. Is there anything more lovely than beautiful flowers on a sunny day?


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