Lesson 1064 – Tiny Houses and Amazing Lego Mama Hen

Two weeks ago, I attended a Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Workshop in Dedham, MA (near Boston.) I had wanted to get information on building a tiny house to see if it was something I could do, or even something that I wanted to move from the “really, really, wish” part of my life, to the reality, this is something I’m going to do, part.

For two days a room full of lovers of tiny houses sat and heard about how to insulate, how to deal with moisture, installing shower vents, compost toilets, and trailer construction. Soup to nuts.

To say that I learned a ton would be an understatement. Although I wouldn’t be able to start building something now, I do know how to get started and what kinds of decisions to make *before* I would even pick up my hammer.

I, of course, decided to have a little bit of fun during the workshop (seriously there is only so much you can digest about wiring before you start to go a little brain-fuzzy.) I pulled out Amazing Lego Mama Hen and started taking pictures.

Here she is, being attentive during the talk on electrical wiring.


Here she is when she discovered that the stuff in the bowl on the table was candy.

During the few scheduled breaks, the two of went outdoors to get some fresh air.

After that though, it was back to the proverbial grind (although, admittedly, it was a pleasant grind.) For the most part, I paid attention.

Saturday evening, those of us who had booked hotel rooms met in the hotel pub. This is where things got interesting.

This is Steve Weissmann, President/CEO of Tumbleweed Houses posing with our intrepid Amazing Lego Mama Hen.

“If you let me take her back with me, I’ll snap a few photos with of her with a tiny house,” Steve proposed. It sounded like a good deal to me – a cross country trip for our Mama Hen, while I stayed in NH to write. I love it when my chicks get a chance to leave the nest (as long as they eventually come back.) Steve sent some updates on the way to the Tumbleweed office.

I sent some updates back to him from some chicks who were clearly missing their mama.

Dad said to go ahead and start dinner.

Dad said to go ahead and start dinner.

Dad said we could play with scissors.

Dad said we could play with scissors.

Dad said we could play with the nice man down the street.

Dad said we could play with the nice man down the street.

The other day, I received the Tumbleweed Tiny House/Amazing Lego Mama Hen photos, here they are:

photo 4


photo 3

photo 1
Thanks to everyone for being such good eggs about this. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about a tiny house, but I do know that even if I build one, Amazing Leg Mama Hen and her chicks will always be welcomed (as will anyone who was at that workshop.)

Oh yeah, and many thanks to this unknown good egg at the bar who offered to pose with my chicken. Terrific Smile.



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