Lesson 1020 – A weekend in New Hampshire

This past weekend, I attended a Family support conference in northern New Hampshire. I wanted to give you a short picture tour of what I saw along the way.

When you drive in New Hampshire, you see mountains. They hug the roads, they hug you. Mountains are what I miss most when I travel out in the “flat lands.”




The Presidential range.

We have an amusement park in New Hampshire called Storyland. With 6 kids we never made it to Disney Land but we did manage to make it to Storyland every summer. It is hands down one of my favorite places – clean, safe, and tons of fun. The park is not open yet but I sent these photos home and my kids went nuts.


The crooked house

At Storyland there is something called Grandfather Tree – kids love it. Parents get sick of the knocking and musical songs that come from it pretty darn quickly (but we patiently put up with it for the little ones.)



This is the view from my hotel room. Yes, that’s snow. Have I told you I live in New Hampshire?

img snow

On the way home, I stopped by a place where when we vacationed with the kids, we would pick up Apple Cider doughnuts for breakfast. This is what I brought home from the weekend – again the kids went nuts.


While driving home, I saw that several people had pulled over to the side of the road. That can only mean one thing. And that one thing was this:


I stayed and watched this beauty for about 20 minutes before she strode off into the woods.

I also passed what was once called the Mount Washington Hotel, is now called The Omni Mount Washington Resort, but what will always be the “NH’s Shining” to me.


And this is why New Hampshire is called the Granite State. That’s solid rock up there (which gives me so much respect for the people who built the roads through these mountains.)

img rock

It was a terrific weekend, lots of fun, and very informative, but when you have this waiting for you, it’s just not tough to come back home to the nest.



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8 responses to “Lesson 1020 – A weekend in New Hampshire

  1. I live in far northern VT, right on the border, Yes, we also have that white stuff lingering and yes, we all line up to see moose. No matter how often we see them.

  2. Ah, now I’m homesick for NH! I only lived there 12 years before returning “home” to the Midwest, but I still miss the views and the people very much.

  3. I used to live in Littleton – in my job I often had to drive all the way to West Stewartstown and Colebrook (Constructive Canada). One time I even Stayed at the Balsams – that was more Shining I think that the Mt. Washington. Anyways, I love it up there. If I could get away with living up there again I totally would.

  4. Thanks for sharing your road trip!

  5. sarah van leer

    I just LOVE this post. My grandparents took me up north to the Whites when I was a child. I still love to visit those mountains. Good, warm memories. Thanx!

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