Lesson 1015 – When the chicks are ready


A friend of mine sent me this advertisement from a local Freecycle site:

I discovered in my barn a hen who has been laying on a clutch of eggs for who knows how long. I can’t tell you if the eggs will hatch tomorrow or in 2 or more weeks (I’m guessing closer to the latter). I’m not interested in any more chicks but I can’t bring myself to take her eggs away from her and take her back to the coop. If anyone wants a half-made chicken family, she’s yours if you have food and long-term accommodations for her and her brood.

Someone who can’t bring herself to take a determined broody hen’s eggs away is my kind of person. I love that she is doing this, and I love the gentle, loving story of it all.

It’s what us mama hens do. Sometimes we push our chicks out of the nest and sometimes we let them stay a little longer until they are ready.

I’ve notified the owner and told her I’d take the chicken and all chicks once they have hatched.

We’ll simply add them to the 9 assorted chicks we are scheduled to receive in about 2 weeks.

This mama hen will gladly continue what that mama hen has already started.


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2 responses to “Lesson 1015 – When the chicks are ready

  1. Jen

    Tis the season I guess. I have a broody Orpington who has been sitting on a single wooden egg for a week now. I do not have a rooster so I do not have any fertile eggs for her to hatch. I kind of wish I did. She seems so determined and she is the sweetest broody hen I have ever met! If she keeps this up I may have to sneak a chick or two under her but I don’t know what the result of that will be.

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