Lesson 998 – Chicken – a fun word

The other day Addy went with Marc to our local Asian market in order to pick up some Korma sauce (Addy had a hankering for Chicken Korma a la Jamie Oliver from his Jamie’s Food Revolution cookbook. )


Addy’s Chicken Korma

Marc being “Addy’s Daddy” also purchased a small snack for her (that just happened to contain chocolate, imagine that!)


“You have to see these” said Addy when she came home. “I’ve saved you two cookies”

Note that although she saved two cookies for me, she didn’t save any smooth chocolate cream with which to eat them, but I digress.

The snack, Yam Yam consists of cookie sticks you dip into “smooth chocolate cream.” The interesting thing is that each cookie stick also has words printed on them. “Look inside for fun words” the packaging advertises.

I suppose that they’re like an edible version of those magnetic refrigerator poetry words. If you play with the cookie sticks before you eat them, you might be able to create some sort of cookie haiku.

I guess.

I looked at the two cookie sticks Addy had given me. The words printed on them were:

  • Chick
  • Lucky Color Yellow
  • Chicken, and
  • Kokekokko



I’ve got to object. Having your “lucky color be yellow”  can not in any way (or language) be considered “fun” (I am a confirmed yellow hater.) And the word “Kokekokko” should not be considered fun because as far as I can tell, it’s a made-up word, (a little too Dr. Seuss for me, if you know what I mean.)

Just not my idea of a fun time.

But you know what? They certainly nailed the fun words elsewhere. No one and I mean no one can doubt that the words; chick and chicken are anything but tremendously knee-slappingly fun words.

Our family can certainly attest to that.

So in the end, well done Yan Yan manufactures. My only request? Next time include just a little more smooth chocolate cream so that Addy can also save some of that for me.


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3 responses to “Lesson 998 – Chicken – a fun word

  1. Great post however I was wanting tto know if youu coul write a
    litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

  2. Perhaps a little Korean book (thoughtfully translated into English for my not very sophisticated ear) you might enjoy is called The Hen Who Thought She Could Fly. Somebody else besides me thinks it’s a tasty treat. The hype says 2,000,000 copies can have been sold. I am a little down on Amazon right now. The last book I ordered from them is now way overdue. I am sure Amazon won’t notice my reluctance, but I am going to buy a copy for my granddaughter (who likes surprises), but not from Amazon. Just to be different. As I once lived in Portland (OR, not MN, where my brother lives), for the moment I am promoting Powell’s. Once I thought Powell’s was too big for their britches, but things change. I am sure you have your favorites.

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