Lesson 989 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks


“The bird a nest – the spider a web – man friendship”

William Blake

Last night Marc ran into a friend of mine at the grocery store. She had been keeping a chicken in her car to give to me for ages.  We’re both local journalists so it’s not that unusual for us to see each other at town events.

But then she would forget the chicken or I would leave before she had a chance to give it to me. We were ships passing in the coop.

Last night I got the chicken.

It’s a hand crocheted or knit chicken of exceptional quality. Seriously, someone put a lot of work into this thing. I’ve seen knitted chickens before and trust me, this is not one of them. This one has personality, it’s got ruffled wings for cryin’ out loud! As a non-yarn-crafter enthusiast even I can fully appreciate the work that went into this little wonder.

You can bet this this chicken will be decorating our family Easter table this year.


Many, many thanks Loretta.

The chicken came with a set of handwritten instructions. If anyone would like a copy let me know (I’d have to scan them in, because as a non-knitter it’s a bit difficult to interpret.)

 Be safe, stay warm, and see you all next week.

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5 responses to “Lesson 989 – Quotable Chicks

  1. Sarah

    What a sweet little critter. Yes, I’d like a copy of the instructions. Just like me to make this kind of stuff for my chicken keeper friends. Thanx.

    • Wendy Thomas


      Just sent you the instructions. Let me know how it turns out.


      On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 10:05 AM, Lessons Learned from the Flock wrote:


  2. That is one of the cutest pieces of hadiwork I’ve ever seen. It’s great!

  3. Ellen

    What a cute little Chick. It is amazing. I would love to make one, please send the instructions ❤

  4. Very cute! I would love the directions, please.

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