Lesson 965 – Presidents Day 2014

It’s an odd sort of holiday today, the kids have school, Marc has work, and many of my clients don’t.

So how are we to celebrate Presidents’ Day (and are we even supposed to?)

Later on, if we can, Marc and I will start shopping for a new car to replace our officially “totaled” snow-wrecked SUV.  If you’ve watched any TV in the last few days, I guess that this is as fine a way to celebrate as any.

Cherry pie anyone?

presidential chick


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2 responses to “Lesson 965 – Presidents Day 2014

  1. Yeah, its a weird one. I’m a non essential town employee so I have the day off; however I’m assuming that once the kids have school, I will be without them…

  2. Sharon Limpach

    Wendy how long can an egg stay in the nest before it goes bad, My chickens will be with out me Friday and Saturday they are well protected and feed but have no one to pick up eggs the temperature will be in the 60’s or 70’s. Let me know.

    Thanks Sharon Limpach a chicken mama

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