Lesson 963 – Waiting and Wondering

We are all waiting and wondering what this storm will bring. I’ve heard reports that have included words like “catastrophic” and “historical.” I’ve already seen photo after photo of those iconic traffic snarls, the ones that always appear whenever snow ventures near the south.

And now the storm is upon us.

My son has left for work an hour early for his 50 minute ride (with me reminding him to please be careful and to *please* take advantage of room for workers to spend the night at the mountain – “we’re kind of running out of cars,” I remind him.)

And yet when I look out the window, I see only a light, delicate snow shower, the background of Christmas card scenes.

We live in New England, snow is a part of life, so much so that we are all born knowing to automatically laugh at that tired and trite punchline, “it’s only snow.”

Ha, ha, ha, yes, it’s only snow.

But while we laugh, having enough New England marrow in our bones, we also keep an eye to the storm.

Because if there is one thing we New Englanders know, it’s that “you never know.”



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2 responses to “Lesson 963 – Waiting and Wondering

  1. I am home early from the office and our little “flock” is home, safe and sound for the night. The snow may seem “light and delicate,” but we both know that by tomorrow morning we could be looking at a foot or more of that light and delicate stuff. Stay warm and may your flock be safe.

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