Lesson 951 – 100% Male

This duck is supposed to look like this –


Those red bumps around the bill are called “wattles”,  those of the male being larger and more brightly colored than the females. Their purpose is to allow the males to attract attention from the ladies.

Apparently, this bad boy is all male.


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2 responses to “Lesson 951 – 100% Male

  1. Keith Alexander

    Hi Wendy they are called Caruncles over here and those on that Drake are excessive but apparently it’s popular over we you are! I was reading an article last night in Popular Poultry (September 2011) on Muscovies.

    Which said “Watch out for Caruncles that are too large on male birds. This will impede both vision and breathing it occurs in America quite a lot”

  2. henshaven

    Dear Wendy,

    I don’t mean to be pedantic, but the red decorations on your male Muscovy are called “caruncles,” such as you’d find on a turkey’s neck.

    Just thought you ought to know before some “Muscovites” jumped on you!


    Sandy Kavanaugh
    Hens’ Haven
    216 Meadowbrook Rd.
    Richmond, KY 40475
    859-893-1318 (cell)
    Promoting the Majestic Ones!

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