Lesson 946 – Faces a mama hen could love

This past weekend I attended the Northeastern Poultry Congress. If you haven’t ever gone to one, please consider doing so, these things are like the Westminster Dog shows of poultry.

This is just one side of a room of poultry.

This is just one side of a room of poultry.

The variety of poultry was astounding and much like a kid in a candy store I was able to pick out my shortlist of the breeds I want added to my flock this Spring (Silver Phoenix, Salmon Flavorelle, and (of course) another Maran or two 🙂 )

As anyone who has tried to take photos of chickens know, they move their heads so much that often it’s difficult to get anything other than a blur, which is why I was so pleased to get some really good photos that show the diversity in some of these chickens. For your entertainment, I present – chicken faces.



I assure you, there is a chicken in there.


Are you talkin’ to me?


forget the grumpy cat, I give you the grumpy rooster


A stink-eye if I’ve ever seen one.

Yup, they do have ears.

Yup, they do have ears.

Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures of chicken feather patterns that will take your breath away.

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6 responses to “Lesson 946 – Faces a mama hen could love

  1. Great pictures! Where was this held?

    I use to raise Rhode Island Reds. They were awesome and some of the best pets I’ve ever had. I’m debating on whether I want to start another flock again. Not a fan of going out to the coup when the weather is in the negative digits.

    • Wendy Thomas

      This was held in West Springfield MA (unfortunately it was on Saturday and the ride back was a bit dicey.)

      With regards to wondering if you should get a flock, did you really expect me to say anything other than “go for it?” 🙂


  2. Great photos Wendy. What kind of camera are you using? I also want to increase my flock. I live in California and wonder whether to get fertile eggs and try to hatch them myself-don’t have equipment yet. Or just buy them from a hatchery and get day old chicks. The problem with that is I have to buy large numbers of chicks. I only want eight more. I love the top hat varieties and several others. Any suggestions?

    • Wendy Thomas

      Just getting back to this. Amazingly I am using my Droid phone for these photos, they are so much better than the camera I had purchased. In fact, soon, I’m going to be looking at some of the digital cameras sold in phone stores. The quality is amazing.

      Hatching eggs is a wonderful experience. One of my most favorite chicken memories – but then that’s because all of our eggs hatched. I’ve known several people who haven’t gotten any chicks from their eggs. (due to a million different reasons.) The other downfall with eggs is that you are bound to get roosters. May not be a concern for you but I live in a neighborhood and roosters are just not a good idea.

      If I were you, for the first batch, I’d buy them as hatched chicks. You can go online and order 6 at a time or you can go to a local feed store and (depending on your state laws, remember I’m in NH) you can buy any quantities above 3. Also, at chicken swaps, we (again in NH) can buy smaller quantities – taht might be an option (however if you do buy at a swap use standard bio-security measures before you introduce them to your flock.)

      Of course, if CA requires you to buy larger amounts, then you post on a bulletin board that you’d like to combine an order with someone.

      Let us know what you decide and good luck,


  3. Such great photos! Would love to go!

    I’m also trying out Salmon Faverolles this spring (or, rather- next month) for the first time, very excited! 🙂 I love that they have all the “extras”: beard, muff, feathered feet, extra toe- the whole works.

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  4. cinnamon chaisson

    love the first chicken!!!

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