Lesson 940 – Time to get out

Yesterday one of my sons and I took another son back to his college. Trevor is a rook at Norwich, Vermont (apparently soon to be recognized) and although he enjoyed the Holiday break, he was eager to get back into the “schedule” (which along with challenging classes, consists of various arbitrary rules like putting his fork down between bites, placing his knife in a specific position dependent upon where he is sitting, walking in the gutter, not being able to use the stairs that have “years” on them, etc.)

He puts up with it because he says that what you have to do to get where you want.

He’s definitely a flock member with a clear head who knows where he wants to go in life. When did my boy get so determined and wise?

Although it was bittersweet dropping him off at school, (did you remember your gloves?) I can’t tell you how much delight, I, as a writer,  get out of his dorm’s name – Dodge.

Of course, he’s too young, he doesn’t get the reference, but every time I drop him off, I tell him that:

I love him.

He’s doing a great job.

We look forward to his next visit

and that finally now,


“It’s time for me to get out of Dodge.”

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