Lesson 939 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks 


A pillow that was happy to see me.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

William James

I was privy to a conversation the other day where one of my college sons told his brother that if he had one hour left to live he would go back and spend it in one particular high school teacher’s class.

Wow, I thought to myself, that’s quite an endorsement for a teacher. “Is it because you liked the subject? “I asked him.

“Nah”, he replied, “it’s because whenever we were in his class, an hour took *forever* to be over.”

Funny kid.

Just wait until he grows up, time is going to rush by no matter how hard he tries to hold onto it. I mean just look at today – it’s Friday. I swear the week started just yesterday.

Oh well, time to start making the transition to the weekend. That means finalizing and sending out some articles and getting ready for marathon Saturday and Sunday writing sessions on my personal project while the kids are at the High School FIRST meetings.

I’ve got lots planned for next week. There is transition in the flock, a veritable heat wave (in the 40’s) is predicted, I’ll give you an update on my Lyme treatment (hint, I saw my doc and am back on the meds for a bit) and I’ll tell you about my Paleo diet (right after the holidays, I decided to go back on a restricted diet even before Doc Holiday put me back on antibiotics.)

And next weekend is the NorthEastern Poultry Congress. Don’t worry, I’ve already started assuring Marc that I will *not* be bringing any new flock members home.


For now, though our flock is as it should be and we are content  – enjoy the upcoming weekend and if you live in the Midwest, stay warm.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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One response to “Lesson 939 – Quotable Chicks

  1. My wife seldom changes a “brand” of some product unless she finds it unsatisfactory. Once she became enamoured of hens, she decided Dominiques were the ones and that she was sicking with them. (I figure that’s why she decided to stay married to me for 48 years.) However, today she told me that she is thinking of getting a new breed of hen next year. Perhaps that’s her subtle way of telling me that it’s time for me to look for a new place to live?

    When I was a high school teacher, one student (not a bad girl and not a bad student) made it clear to me that she could not stand my class and that sitting through 50 minutes of class listening to me was about as close to Hell as she thought she was going to get. Sitting right next to her, was another young lady who seemed to hang on my every word and told her mother that I was the best teacher she ever had. So, you can’t please everybody. Some people like ducks and some like pheasants and some like canaries.

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