Lesson 937 – Old friend

Please tell me that I am not the only one who still has their Christmas tree up.

I know, I know, it’s not that we’re lazy, it’s just that having a lit tree brings such calm to a darkened house. We usually keep our tree up well past the New Year, its an important part of our celebrating  the return of everyone to the flock.

The Christmas tree and I have become friends.

Our family has always played a holiday game when we drive where the first to spot a tree inside a home and who yells out “Tree in a house” scores a point for that tree. It started as a way for me to keep toddlers focused and it’s continued as a welcome family tradition.

And of course anyone who spots a tree in a house after January 1st not only gets the point but also gets a “luck” bonus as trees are so rare after that date.

Apparently we like to keep our house in a lot of luck.

My birthday is in early January and so for many years, I would convince my family to keep the tree up until my birthday as a sort of decoration. You can take it down after the 8th, I’d tell them, hoping by then that we would all be ready for the change.

This, of course, worked well until the year my son, for his birthday wish, wanted to have the tree up until his birthday. That year we had a fully decorated Christmas tree up until March 24th.

To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Before I sat down to write this, I walked by our lit tree. I know its days are numbered. With the kids back at school and the college students getting ready to soon leave, I have to acknowledge that our winter holiday is coming to an end and that whether we want to or not , it’s time to return to our regular sometimes hectic schedules.

I will make that change, I promise you – just not today.


And yeah, someone didn’t do a good job hanging those candy canes.

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8 responses to “Lesson 937 – Old friend

  1. Sarah

    Count one point for my tree! I have retained for 40 years my family’s tradition of putting up the tree on 12/24 and taking it down on 1/6 (or so). This year due to cold maybe, or other factors, maybe, the tree got up on 12/24 but not decorated until 12/25! I’m having a hard time parting with it this year, although I know it has to come down today. . .

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday tomorrow.

    • Wendy Thomas

      Thanks for being a soul-tree-sister Sarah! And yes, I call your point and will tell the kids that I earned it on the web 🙂


  2. pegthomas

    Ours is up! We usually keep it up till Maya’s birthday on Jan 16, but this year I think it will be coming down sooner. It is beautiful but dry as a bone.



  3. Karen

    As my son’s birthday is on the 12th December, we dont put the tree up until the weekend after his birthday but we do keep all the balloons and banners as part of the decorations. Being a bit superstisious I do have all of them packed away before twelth night on the 6th January but usually coincides with going back to school so I have lots of ‘help’!!

  4. Ellen

    OMG I thought I was lazy not taking it down, I Just took it down in the past hour. LOL It was really nice and the two 6 year old Grandchildren did a lot to the decorating and it was a bit sentilmental this year. I agree its very relaxing having the tree up. and I counted trees when we were out last weekend. At least 6 still up. But the one I remember best, Driving through Boston MA, I really saw a tree hanging UPSIDE Down. From the ceiling. It was great. The Husband still thinks I’m crazy,. Happy Birthday, Enjoy your day.

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  6. Laura

    The trees, for me anyways, represent peace, joy and family. I usually put it up just after Thanksgiving and try to keep it until we go back to school. Sadly this year I took it down New Years morning,before our family blessing, because it was so far gone I worried about it catching fire. I cried….. :). For the past few years, however, I have chosen one small ornament and I hang it over my kitchen sink to remind myself that Christmas is a state of heart to experience year round.

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