Lesson 897 – Bet you didn’t know

It was the tarantulas over my chickens that got me mixed up with this one. A friend mentioned on her Facebook post list that she has always wanted to hold a “furry tarantula.” This is the same friend who is afraid to go near my chickens and yet she wants to hold a fuzzy spider.

I had to call her out on it. And that’s how I got assigned my number.

It’s one of those Facebook games where if you comment on or “like” someone’s list post, then they get to assign to you a number between 1 and 10. You then need to list in a post that number of things that most people probably don’t know about you.

Photo credit: thehomemonthly.com

Photo credit: thehomemonthly.com

I’m pretty much an open book but I’m hoping that at least a few of you out there don’t know some of these things about me. So here it goes, this is my Facebook list for those of you who are not “friends” with me.

1. When I was three years old, I drowned. My mother found me on the bottom of a pool and dove in to save me. My memory of that incident was from above – I saw my mother as she dropped her magazine and then dove in. I think she got me with no time to spare.

2. When I was young and living in Fairfield Ct. whenever I saw a sample typewriter in a store, I walked up to it and typed “I want to be the best writer in the world.” I ended up leaving my life wish all over the state.

3. When I was on a long distance run one afternoon while practicing for the UCONN track team, I took a short cut across a field that I hadn’t realized contained a bull. The bull started chasing me. One of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t get a time on that run.

4. My sisters once came back with boxes and boxes of cigarettes samples after they had gone on a field trip to New York City. I stole those cigarettes and traded them for candy with Susie Ferguson who lived up the street. My sister Cathy got the blame for the theft because no one could believe that “little Wendy” would have ever gone near those “cancer sticks.” (I got about 15 of those large sweet-tarts out of it.)

5. When I was in elementary school, I wrote to Joy Adamson (the author of Born Free) to tell her how much I loved her book and was inspired by her. When I got a letter back my happiness turned to misery when I realized she has sent me a form letter – that was until I turned the letter over and saw that she had, in the margins, typed a response directly to me. And thus a literary groupie was born.

6. When the surgeon removed my kneecap I was afraid that when I kicked my leg forward I would end up hitting myself in the head with my foot. (I didn’t.)

7. I have never made holiday sugar cookies from scratch. (It’s on the list of things to do this year.)

8. I was the one who broke the window on the front porch – sorry mom and dad.

9. I was once kicked by a horse when I got thrown by my ride into a group of frightened and spooked horses. 23 years later, I still have the imprint of a horseshoe on my thigh.

10. Marc and I knew that we were going to get married after our first date.

11. (Bonus for reading so far) Whenever I’m on a beach, I feel like a missing part of my soul has been restored.

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3 responses to “Lesson 897 – Bet you didn’t know

  1. cinnamon chaisson

    tell your friend that tarantulas are not fuzzy, and not all of them will tolerate being held. i have one that no one can get near, if you put your hand in the tank to change water or feed crickets, she runs and hides in the log. i did have one that could be handled, turns out i was allergic to having it on me. can’t win

  2. I have held a tarantula in my hand. I was teaching high school. A student walking down the hall asked, “Do you want to hold my tarantula?” Part of the secret of being a high school teacher, is not being too chicken, so I said, “Sure.” I held out my hand. The tarantula sat on my hand. I looked at it. It looked at me. It was not love at first sight, but the divorce was painless.

    No offense intended for chickens, of course. One of our hens was ill. My wife segregated it. So it wouldn’t infect the flock. My wife, being pessismestic let it “accidentally” escape into the woods. The chicken had a merry time pecking and running through the woods. As no hawks, eagles, coyotes, owls, or racoons found the hen, she probably thinks she is invulnerable. She seems to have recovered from her cold or flue or whatever, and now she is back in her flock, telling them it’s perfectly safe to live in the woods and much more fun than living behind mesh and electric fence and all the civilized silly things that keep hens safe. As much as my wife loves her hens, she knows not to believe half the things they tell her.

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