Lesson 894 – Lyme Disease Thursday – Status Week 9

I’m continuing with the Lyme antibiotic medication and having very few complications (read vomiting episodes.) The headaches I had a while back seem to have also disappeared.

It figures, things have finally gotten easier now that I only have a few weeks left.

Some things I’ve noticed. It’s getting easier and easier to say things like “oh I’ll just have 3 crackers with cheese” instead of saying “no thanks.”  Or “it’s been a long time, I *deserve* to have a drink with my friends” instead of saying “you know what? I can have as good a time drinking a glass of juice.”

Last night I went out for drinks with a friend and yup, I paid the price with a belly ache for most of the night (although I had a great time with my friend.)

It might have been the gluten from the crackers, the dairy from the cheese, or the alcohol from the (yummy) martinis, or it could have been the combination of all.

Was it the Lyme disease that was protesting or was it my body revolting from me putting in toxic foods that had been removed for so long?

I’m not sure I’ll know the answer but it’s starting to look like my no gluten, no diary, no sugar, and no alcohol diet is actually a healthy one that I should try (my hardest) to remain on even after the Lyme has been removed from my body.

Co-incidentally, I’ve signed up for a remote “diet cleanse” (I added the link for anyone who wants to take a look) starting next week (yeah, I’m not even sure what that means.) From what I’ve read, for one week starting on November 21, I’ll be eating nothing but clean, clean, clean food and drinking lots of good stuff in an effort to “detox.”  I go into this experience with an open mind and based on last night’s food-sufferings a very positive attitude.

So much of healing (for any disease, not just Lyme) is related to what you eat. The axiom I was taught in my first programming class rings true here: “Garbage in equals Garbage out.”

photo: webmd.com

photo: webmd.com

And while we’re on the topic of “garbage out”, very disappointingly my left leg’s knee pain has returned. My foot is sore (but not nearly as sore as when it was before I started the medication) and my knee keeps giving out because of a sharp pain right above the joint. This pain which was there before I started medication, went away for a few months but has now returned.

To be honest, I tend to have lots of orthopedic problems when we go into the winter months (cold weather and tons of damage are not good bed-mates) and the weather has turned *very* cold lately but still, it’s a bit disconcerting. I thought it was something I was over.

No one likes to be hobbled.

It’s gotten to the point where people are starting to notice a limp when I walk, a hitch when I go up stairs. And when I roll over in bed at night, the pain wakes me.

I had hoped that this pain was Lyme related and not age and body related.

Oh well.

Still, though, my overall body pain level is greatly decreased from what it was, I can truthfully say that there is no pain at all in my right leg, where before I could barely walk on it.  And so, (Pollyanna that I am) I really can’t complain.

(Or at the very least I’ll ask that you please not pay attention to me if I do.)

I’ve read about adding magnesium, Taurine, and bone broth (I was taught how to make this years ago during a holistic class) to combat tendonitis (which this feels like.) Guess it’s time to visit that ‘ol Amazon site to place an order.


Thank you all for your comments and discussion. I read every single reply and find much value in your experiences.

Disclaimer, this is an account of my Lyme symptoms and treatment, it is not intended to be used in the treatment of anyone else’s condition. Please consult and work with your physician if you think you may have Lyme.

Let me know if you have any questions about my Lyme symptoms and/or treatment, if I don’t have the answer, I’ll find someone who does.

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2 responses to “Lesson 894 – Lyme Disease Thursday – Status Week 9

  1. For your knee: are you taking anything to break down biofilms? Or cyst forms? It might be time to add some herbs to your regimen. Some people believe that the combo of herbs + abx works best. Then again, it could be the cold weather . . .

    Are you up for sharing the source of this online cleanse? I sure could use one!

    Peace, Terry

    • Wendy Thomas


      Thanks for the reminder about the biofilms. I have some Grapefruit Seed Extract (note: not Grape seed) that I will go ahead and add to the mix.

      Here is the link for the cleanse. A kickoff phone call starts tonight and from the information that was sent (guides, plans and menus) it looks like it goes on for 2 weeks.



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