Lesson 888 – Chickens and more chickens

For those who are on the Storm-watch, she continues to do well. During the day she’s in a protected playpen with her 2 best buds, and at night, she still comes inside the house to roost. This weekend, I’m going to build a safe zone for all things bantam. (I’m thinking just a box, like a wire trap with an opening just sooo high to allow the littles in but keep the big girls out.)

One of my concerns is how things will be when Storm starts laying eggs (which could be any day.) I imagine there might be a bit of tearing in the area and will be keeping a close eye on that.

With regard to my little Violet who died of similar injuries this summer, Violet died when I was at a meeting so I didn’t see her (you try holding tears back at a board meeting) but I was told that she stood up, stretched her leg and then toppled over.

I don’t know about you but that sounds like a heart-attack to me (which could have been brought on by a massive infection.) In any event, I am not seeing any behavior like that from Storm, in fact, she is just as active and perky as she was before her injuries. If I were a magic 8 ball, I’d say “everything points to  YES.”

Chickens. You just never know, right?

In going through my phone the other day, I found a few photos worthy of sharing. So here you go, a bunch of chicken things for your Wednesday pleasure:

2013-07-25_18-51-09_565This was found on a mantel at a local restaurant.

2013-07-27_16-19-10_755We took the kids to a (fairly) local farm that had a fabulous gift area.

2013-07-27_16-19-24_604(1) Do you know how hard it was to *not* buy all this stuff?

2013-07-27_16-22-22_789I mean, who’s yard wouldn’t look better with this guy in it?

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