Lesson 860 – Throughout the ages

Last week Marc and I took the day off to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to lunch and then we puttered around quaint Peterborough New Hampshire, visiting some of its antique stores. In one store just as we were starting to leave I noticed something high up on a shelf.

Is that? No, is it?


I walked over and pulled down one of the greatest egg cartons I have ever seen.

The eggs are from Old Hickory Smokehouse which also encourages you to “try our Smoked Bacon, Ham Turkey.” The eggs are supposedly “Farm fresh eggs from Palmer Mass.”

Apparently these egg cartons are a hot commodity, described on eBay as :Vintage 1950s Mid Century Kitsch Old Hickory Smokehouse Egg Carton,” and selling for up to $14.95.

And I can certainly understand why.


Take a look at the art on this baby. On the top we have a complete breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, and the very important food group parsley. Next to the plate are the ever dapper “Salty” and “Peppery” (she’s hot) because, well, you know, it just wouldn’t be a breakfast without them.

Oh and that melamine pink plate is simply to die for. Who wouldn’t want to tuck into that meal?


On the front and back of the carton, they suggest ways to serve your eggs including:

  • Scrambled
  • Deviled
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Poached
  • Fried

Each of these suggestions is accompanied by a tiny drawing showing exactly what the eggs should look like. Here’s the scrambled eggs.


I’m not sure if that’s bacon or sausage (or Ham, Turkey) on the plate with the eggs but either way, it certainly looks like an artful way to serve anyone’s eggs.

Lastly, there is a family depicted at the dinner table. Grandpa’s sitting in his suit, mom’s holding a baby, a teen waits patiently near Grandpa, while two (2!) other young children are bouncing around on their chairs. Take a look at the little boy. I just know he’s going to be slipping some of his food later on to that dog.

And Dad is ignoring everyone and is instead giving an OK signal to the portly grandmother who is bringing food from the kitchen to the table.

Although this egg carton was created in the 1950’s on some level, it’s reassuring to see that some things over the years have not changed:

  • We still use melamine plates (because the kids destroyed all of our china when learning how to wash dishes.)
  • We still have two slices of bacon with our breakfast (because now our cholesterol numbers limit us to only that these days.)
  • Our kids still (and will forever) feed the dog food from the table.
  • And Dad still gives me an OK sign in appreciation when I finally bring the food to the table.


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