Lesson 854 – Chicks and moulting

Ugh, it’s moulting season.

My gorgeous birds have all developed  bald spots where many of their feathers have fallen out. Tails that were previously glorious (Isabelle, I’m talking to you) have now become stubby imitations of the possibilities they had once held.

a tail that was

a tail that was

I know that this is an expected occurrence, as natural as the sun rising every morning. It’s something that happens every year only by-stepping the youngest of the flock who are new with feathers and still under our complete control and protection.

But as the chickens get older, they must face that feathers fall out.

In the fall.

Just when the weather starts getting colder and they could use all the warmth they could get.

Natural or not, it’s something that always makes a mama hen be concerned, will my chicks be warm during the now chilly nights? Did they remember to pack their winter jacket? Do they need me to send them some gloves?

Fall moulting is as natural as the leaves turning and dropping from the trees. But just because it is expected and happens each turn of the season into winter, it still doesn’t keep us mama hens from always worrying about our little chicks who are no longer in the nest.

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