Lesson 828 – Just in time for the ball

Last week when we “re-homed” our 3 cockerels, the kids and I heaved a big sigh of relief to finally know that our newest little frizzle was definitely a girl and would be staying with us.

We have a frizzle already. She’s a Serama mix and she’s the bird that we can never keep feathers on. Ms. Frizzle is big on personality and well, let’s just say that she has a lovely face.


And now we have another little black frizzle who seemed to have “come out” this week in her finest ball gown . This one is a feathered bantam (I can’t for the life of me figure out her exact breed – suggestions welcome) and she looks like a black tennis ball that has exploded, or more precisely like a featherduster that has escaped from the hall closet to cavort in the coop.


Seriously, while yes, she is absolutely adorable, I can’t think of even one evolutionary advantage to having a set of feathers like this.

Yup, there's a chick in there.

Yup, there’s a chick in there.

Other than perhaps the fact that because she is so incredibly stunning, she is always the one to be hand fed by my daughters who will cuddle and constantly play with her claiming her to be the “cutest one of them all.”

Say hello to Cinderella.


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2 responses to “Lesson 828 – Just in time for the ball

  1. Oh my! What a sweetie!

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