Lesson 817 – Charlie in my hand

Last week I wrote about a custom glass bead I had ordered from Lauren Bramble of Crowbirdie Beads to depict Charlie our Black Copper Maran house chicken.

I had first heard about these beads from the Chickenistas facebook page. Lauren had posted a picture of a bead she had just completed for a client and one of the comments under the photo said that it was so wonderful she had caught the chicken’s personality in the bead even to the point of depicting the chicken’s comb that always flops over.

Well, I thought to myself, if Lauren could depict chicken’s personality in glass, then I should ask her about doing one of our personable chicken – Charlie.  I contacted Lauren to get the proverbial all rolling.

For a custom order Lauren wants to hear a little bit about the personality and unique traits of your chicken (for the record she also does other animals.) I told her about Charlie and her feet, and I described her as best I could.

“Charlie is a sleek chicken, not a plump one. She’s covered with crow-black feathers and sports a copper throat-chest shield. This one is a cross between a chicken, a puppy and a toddler,” I went on to tell Lauren. And then I went on to describe Charlie’s feet.

“They’re fine now (a little misshapen) but I’d like you to show them as they were when she was a baby, before surgery when they were really messed up.”

Lauren listened to my words, looked at some pictures I had sent and came up with this incredible piece of art:

This is Lauren's photo

This is Lauren’s photo

Her bead literally brought tears to my eyes. She managed to capture my chicken, my dear friend with such beauty.

My Charlie bead arrived yesterday in the mail.

Here is a close up of her feet (notice the wonky toes.)


And here the Charlie bead is doing a little magic trick. She’s sitting in my hand while at the same time sitting in my heart. Imagine that.


Well done Lauren. This one is a keeper.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

Also, join me on Facebook to find out more about the flock (children and chickens) and see some pretty funny chicken jokes, photos of tiny houses, and even a recipe or two.



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3 responses to “Lesson 817 – Charlie in my hand

  1. Lovely! And thanks for the previous link to Crowbird Beads. I am having Lulu beads made for myself and two young grandkiddies! 🙂

  2. Oh Wendy, this is priceless!d It does look like Charlie ❤ Great job Lauren!

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