Lesson 797 – Dreaming of chickens

Early this morning (around 5am) I was awaken by the chickens in our backyard. They were all loudly squawking at *something.” Now, this wasn’t the normal morning wake-up calls that one normally hears at the start of a new day, instead this was an all-out alarm letting the flock know that “DANGER WAS HERE.”

“Oh no,” I thought, as I hurriedly got dressed to go downstairs and check on them. “Something’s in the hen house.”

I saw nothing when I got to the coop. All of the chickens were lined up against one side looking out, but I saw nothing.  Perhaps it had been a neighbor’s dog or a raccoon slowly going back to its bed before the sun fully came out. Don’t know.

What I did know was that all of my chickens were safe.


I debated whether to stay up and start my day but I decided to go back to bed to see if I could sleep for another hour. Apparently I fell asleep because I soon started dreaming about our chickens.

I dreamed that they had been squawking in the henhouse (just like in real life) and when I went to check on them, I found four that had been killed and dragged out of the henhouse by some kind of predator.

In my dream, I kept calling for my bird Charlie. She wasn’t one of the ones who had been killed and yet I couldn’t find her in the henhouse. It looked like my Charlie was lost and I was in a frenzy.

And then I woke up to a quiet house and a quiet backyard.

I don’t share this dream for you to analyze (it’s clear where the original idea for it came from and I’m sure my search for Charlie goes beyond looking for a lost bird), but I am sharing it with you to show that my chickens have made their way into my subconscious.


In the truest sense of the word, these birds have become an integral and important part of who I am. My hands, my heart, my flock.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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5 responses to “Lesson 797 – Dreaming of chickens

  1. It is amazing how quickly and subconsciously we gather people, animals and others into our family unit. To care about what happens in the world and life is a good thing. So many do not have that inherent ability.

  2. Ha-ha! great I had that de-ja vu as well!
    Is that “Granite” in the picture??? is she all settled with the flock? How are she and Zelda coming along?

  3. I feel ya’ I’m the same. I’m still so surprised I became a chicken keeper and that I love them so! Oh and the ducks too!

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  4. What a scary dream. My coop is outside my bedroom window so that I would be the second to know if something was amiss in the coop (the chickens would be the first). I can open either window on the sides of our bed and look straight into the run. I did this so I wouldn’t have to worry if they were okay at night, so I totally understand how you become so attached to them. I love my chickens as much as my dogs or cats…if not more, but don’t tell the cats or dogs.

  5. Every day our hens tell us the sky is falling. It wasn’t that long ago that the sky fell in Russia. I am sure that some Russian speaking hens warned everyone. Did anyone listen? I doubt it.

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