Lesson 796 – This makes it easy

Many of you know that I live in New England and perhaps just as many know that I live in New Hampshire.

Some might even know that I live in Southern New Hampshire.

But I’m willing to bet that very few of you know that I live just down the street from this:


And I live across the street from this:

Falls in the fall

Falls in the fall

This makes living in New Hampshire with my flock, a very easy thing to do.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

Also, join me on Facebook to find out more about the flock (children and chickens) and see some pretty funny chicken jokes, photos of tiny houses, and even a recipe or two.


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6 responses to “Lesson 796 – This makes it easy

  1. Candice

    I spent the best parts of my first 15 years in Pittsfield and Northwood NH. Your pictures bring back so many fond memories. My grandmother’s house was on the Merrimack River and my aunt’s house on Northwood Lake. It’s hard to NOT be near water in that wonderful state. You are very lucky.

  2. Positively gorgeous! I’ve never travel to that part of the country…yet. But hope to one day!

  3. Wendy Burrows cluelesschic

    What a lovely place to live.I live near a canal Trent and Mersey England but rarely have the opportunity to explore the area, 🙂 Maybe in retirement 🙂

  4. How wonderful to be surrounded by such natural beauty!

  5. Terry

    Lovely! I live in S NH as well with my little flock of girls. I have been exploring some parts of NH and VT lately and I find that I love the east coast more and more. I’ve been here for 27 years and will never live in my birthplace of CA again-I’m proud to be a New Englander 🙂

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