The Biosecurity risk of Coop Tours

Here is a link to a post I wrote about the Biosecurity hazards of coop tours for Community Chickens.

I realize that these have become fun and trendy events but the health hazards posed to your flock can be devastating. I now know of two flocks in New Hampshire that have had to be completely depopulated (which is a professional way of saying killed) as as direct result of being infected from an outside source.

Raising backyard chickens is a wonderful thing to do both from companion and food points of view, but we must always remember that our chickens are living, breathing things that can carry and transmit disease (just like your dog and cat.) A certain amount of precaution and common sense will go a long way toward the protection of your flock.


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4 responses to “The Biosecurity risk of Coop Tours

  1. I spoke to our hens about drinking muddy water. They seem to think it tastes better than the clean, filtered water my wife puts in their well washed drinking container. Do they listen? Oh, my, do your kids listen to you?

  2. I have thought this every time I see a coop tour advertised. I thought, gee, don’t they realize that diseases can be carried on all those shoes tramping from one place to another? Your post is a good reminder…although a coop tour seems cool, perhaps a virtual coop tour would be better for the chicken.

  3. FUNNY that you should blog about this today, Wendy. I was just reading an article on that very thing last night in a magazine my husband purchased for me (he knows I’m chook crazy). It’s called New Zealand LIfestyle Block (Australian edition) even though most of the articles are still New Zealand based the magazine does still have relevance to my operation.

    And @Modestypress, chickens that like to drink dirty stuff. Mine have a particular fetish for horse, how can i say um nicely? Ahem. Anyway I’ll let you work it out it’s the cocktail that comes from the stable and it’s mixed with rain run-off. They think it’s such a treat! I’ve tried the lecture too. They take no notice.

    They are happy and healthy and that’s the main thing. 🙂

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