Lesson 779 – Hmmmmmm

As I said last Friday, my friend Em visited with her camera (I swear I’m getting my camera in the post today to start the process of getting it fixed, sigh.) Em works with horses and has a way with animals … AND she loves our chickens. (world’s best friend combination)

A great afternoon for Em is done in three parts, 1. Shopping at thrift stores, 2. Having some Thai food, and 3. Spending time with the flock.  And so this is exactly how we spent the afternoon.

We took Mrs. Bucket and Josephine and put them on the lawn to get a few photos. Friday will go down in their little chick baby books as the day they discovered how fun and tasty ants can be.


It’s hard to imagine that the darker chick is going to look like Charlie does someday:


Although in watching the chicks, I have to admit I have strong doubts about Mrs. Bucket (who may be getting a name change fairly quickly.) She (and I’m holding out until there is no choice) stands more upright than Josephine (a longtime indicator for me of a chick’s sex) , she pecks and flaps her wings aggressively at little Josephine (who then cowers into a crouch – no mistaking her sex when it comes to being submissive) and her tail bling is out of control.


She could just be an assertive female (please, please, please), but if not,  we may be making another road trip down to Connecticut to see our good friend Dick in the near future.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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One response to “Lesson 779 – Hmmmmmm

  1. beauties! (be girls, pleeeeease!)

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