Lesson 771 – Chicken Shaming

There is an internet trend called “pet shaming” where owners of cats and dogs have their pets confess their bad behavior to the rest of the world using placards – examples of the bad behavior being reported are things like, “I peed on my mom’s favorite slippers” and “I locked my mom and dada out of the truck.”

I thought to myself, why is it that only cats and dogs get to admit their past indiscretions? There are so many other pets that occasionally deserve credit for their spectacular misbehavior.

And so, I submit to you, the first ever (and probably not the last) “Chicken Shaming.”


And you want to know the sad thing? When Marc replaced the keyboard, Charlie went and did it again.

That was about as close as we’ve ever gotten to having one of our chickens in the stew pot. 🙂 

What about you? Any chicken shaming secrets you’d like to share?

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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7 responses to “Lesson 771 – Chicken Shaming

  1. Oh. This is priceless. Can’t wait to see responses!!!

  2. I have four (4) new hens (Tetras), about 2 1/2 months old. I keep them in a large dog crate and I bring them outside near the pen of my other 8 hens to get familiarized. At night I haul them back into the garage for the night. As I carefully restock water, food the hens are perched on a piece of wood and observing what I am doing (very intently). Then I place a bedding of wood shavings for them to feel more at home.
    As soon as I am done the take flight and make those wood shavings fly all over the cage and parts of the garage area. I occasionally get back in the house with a few on my hair … and face … and arms. I feel they are doing this on purpose and I am sure they are all giggling before lights out! 🙂

  3. Adina Gingernut, one of my chickens, snatched my lunchtime sandwich out of my hand, the cheese slice went wizzing off down the cartway in her beak, hotly pursued by the others, who came back for the bread slices. Another time, Zerlina Pepperpot let out a distress call, I came rushing out of the house, when she saw me she stopped, I swear I heard her laugh as I wandered back to the house !

  4. Vtompkins

    Aggie and her friends stay in the coop at night, but in the daytime own the hayfield with the all you can peck grub and insect bar. The farm shepherd (Rocks) will get too near, and Aggie’s wings and chest puff up, and she attacks the shepherd. Rocks high tails and whines all the way to the house as if the chicken is pouring scalded water onto her fur. The other chickens love Rocks and she just hangs out all day and keeps them safe. What is so odd about this, is that Rocks will chase off a coyote if one is in the area and herd the chickens back to the coop, but Aggie terrifies this poor dog.

  5. Jamie

    I was given a pair of heavily embroidered jeans, with wooden beads up and down the legs. My hens like to pull out the beads, sometimes giving me a good pinch in the process.

  6. BThorbjörnsson

    This is not funny but, it is SO funny.

  7. My Marraduna Euskal Oiloa rooster has earned his name, thanks to the freckles on my legs and arms… what’s his name? Gregory PECK! Ouch!!!! Otherwise he’s redeemed himself by taking good care of his ladies and being, as one friend puts it, “obnoxiously friendly,” to all visitors. (Shoulders are for sitting on and crowing from!)

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