Lesson 755 – A True Compass

Moms and Dads, take note – this is what happens to your kids when you surround them with animals and teach them that even the weakest among the flock deserves a chance.


Saturday morning, I came downstairs to find this box, perforated with air holes, and placed by my son Trevor on our kitchen table.


Right next to it, I found this note.


Found this guy outside. It was crying or something. I’ll put him back in the morning – Trevor

And inside the box, I found this.


A baby field mouse kept warm throughout the night by wood chips and given a leaf of lettuce to eat.

This, from my tough, nearly 18-year-old son who will be entering the Army Corps of Cadets this coming fall at Norwich University.

This, from my son, who has learned well, the lessons of living with and looking out for the members of our flock.

Like all mothers who have sons going into the military, I worry. I wonder if perhaps, he will be hardened by the people and traditions that will surround him, possibly turning him into something that causes a little bit of trepidation, a little bit of fear at what the combined mentality of the military is capable of.

But after seeing this, I have no worries. My son’s compass points true. He knows the value of compassion.

Trevor truly understands that we are all members of the same flock, fully responsible for each other. And he has learned that if someone is alone and crying in the cold night, you offer them food, comfort, and a warm place to rest. You do whatever it takes.

Even if that means putting a mouse on your mother’s kitchen table.


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15 responses to “Lesson 755 – A True Compass

  1. Susan

    That’s the sweetest thing….from a Mom who has found moles, baby birds, large bugs and yes even baby mice on her kitchen cabinet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Melanie

    What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. After a few mishaps today, I wasn’t feeling very generous about the future of the human race, and this story was just what I needed to be reminded that there are compassionate, caring people out there and they are raising their children to be that way too. Way to go!

  3. Brenda Messer

    This is what all mom’s hope for! Thanks for being so candid and sharing !

  4. Love it. You’ve done good. 😉 xo

  5. Donna

    Love this story. 🙂

  6. Jenny Gentner

    What an incredible story! I’m sitting here in a very public place bawling my eyes out! This is such an inspiration and does give hope that not all humanity is lost to selfishness or greed. Thank you so much for sharing this touching story!

  7. mary beth putnam

    love love this story. good job mom!!! Mary Beth Putnam marybethputnam@me.com

  8. Tracy

    Wonderful story- I am sure we will hear about your son’s compassion again. If he is going into the military, he will be one of those who will offer solace to those who need it! Well done, Mama!

  9. That is a special mother-son moment for the ages. My son is deploying to Afghanistan as we speak. I just found out that he has a short layover at Pease on Tuesday. I will get to see him before he. departs. ARe you familiar with the Pease Greeters?

  10. Doreene

    beautiful story may God bless your son always and you have done a great job

  11. A mouse is a mouse is a mouse, and he has To Live. Parambir Singh SAIL

  12. Love the story! Great son! Good job, mom!

  13. That’s a lovely story – kids should have animals around them. We have the cat and dog so they learn responsibility for their pets, but also cats and cows which I believe teaches them animals have a function and purpose too. I’m not raising vegetarians, but they can be animal lovers too.

    I also nominated you for an award, hope you don’t mind. http://talkaboutcheesecake.com/2013/04/30/awards-me-me-me/

  14. Ami

    So sweet! I just shared it on my Facebook page. My husband traps nuisance wildlife – and brings it home for the kids to see before letting it go in the forest. I decided to marry him when I saw a picture of him petting skunks as they wandered out of the trap:)

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