Lesson 745 – Chasing dreams

I have a tiny writing space at the back of a storage room. In it I have my desk, computer, and all the notebooks and reference material I need to write my articles and get my work done. I fit in it nicely, as does one other human-person at a time. In the afternoons, the kids take turns coming into my “cave” to tell me what happened at school. Having one talk at at time, means that I really listen to and hear them one at a time. It’s turned out to be not such a bad thing.

To one side of my tiny office, I also have a yellow reading chair I had found at a consignment shop a while back. Once Pippin discovered it, however, he called it his.

And then this happened.


Yes, there is a dog in there.

Violet has decided that her spot to spend the day is on a pillow, near a heater, on the floor … in, you guessed it, my office.


And while my writing space, my cave at the back of the room, is small – it’s definitely cozy. I do my daily writing with my two friends keeping me company, one chasing butterflies in his sleep, the other softly trilling songs of contentment.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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2 responses to “Lesson 745 – Chasing dreams

  1. mary beth putnam


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  2. Sounds like a wonderful, small space to write 🙂

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