Lesson 741 – Honking horns and peeping

I usually don’t include videos in my posts (who has the time to watch them right?) with this incredible exception (which still makes me laugh.) But I thought I’d include two in today’s post as sort of a public service announcement.

Marc took this video, it’s entitled, “Why your neighbors will hate Guinea hens.” He took it right before we put the birds in the box for transport to a new home. The Guineas are the ones that honk, pretty hard to miss it. To do this video justice, turn the volume up (way up) before you hit play.

Why your neighbors will hate Guinea hens

(Actually for the full effect, play this loudly on loop at 6 a.m on a Sunday morning.)

Because we live in a neighborhood with close neighbors whom we’d rather like to remain close neighbors with, we re-homed our Guineas to Dick who has a flock of free ranging Guineas at his house. He recently sent this report back on their progress:

Thought you might want to know that the two guineas are fitting in just fine.  I removed them from the cage within the pen several days after you brought them.  At first there was the common posturing, especially by some of the main flock.  The new ones took it in stride and have been going into the pen at night and sleeping on the roosts.

It will take a bit more time before they’re totally accepted into the guinea flock but right now they either hang with the chickens or off by themselves.  There was a bit of posturing with the chickens too, which surprised me but I think I remember you saying something along those lines.

Anyway, all in all, they’re all fine.  

Does it make me weird that I actually felt relieved at receiving this report?

As many of you know, I went down to Dick’s with 2 Guinea hens and came back with one tiny Black Copper Marans chick.

This was what we got: (be sure to turn the volume up for this one – way up.)

Violet peeping away

I’d say it was a pretty even trade.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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8 responses to “Lesson 741 – Honking horns and peeping

  1. Mary Beth Putnam

    Holy cow!!!! Do they only stop to eat and drink? Or we’re they just excited about being filmed?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. pegthomas

    Didn’t put two and two together. So the gift from Dick was the little chick! Yes, that was a win indeed.

  3. why the marbles in the chicks dishes?

  4. Cindy

    Hi Wendy, just checked out your video of Violet she is a cutie. Why are there marbles in the bowl?

    • Wendy Thomas

      Well, you are the second person to ask so it looks like that will be the topic of my post for tomorrow. 🙂


  5. sheri

    the chick needs a friend or two….

  6. Candice

    She misses her family – just like a puppy when you first bring him home.

  7. Oh boy, and to think, I thought about breeding guinea fowl. My husband complains about the cat meowing and waking him up… Thanks for sharing the videos it explains so much more than words could ever do.

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