Lesson 725 – Getting ready for the chicks

Tonight is the rescheduled first part of my chicken workshops (yes, I know that I already held the second part, you can blame the snow in NH this winter for that.) We’ll cover getting chicks and caring for them until they are old enough to go outside. We’ll also talk about proper (and critter-proof) housing for your chicks and what you should be aware of with regard to predators in NH (can you say fisher cat?)

I found this clip of a fisher cat yelling. If you’ve ever heard one in real life, you know how absolutely chilling their call is.

I’ll also bring my clay pot chick heater with me, as the forecast calls for more snow and I’m afraid we’re not out of the woods with regard to power losses yet.  Best to be prepared.


The Tractor Supply in town is getting a shipment of chicks on Wednesday and because of the new laws in NH we can now buy them in any quantity (previously, you had to buy at least 12 at a time.)

I’ve already gotten our chick nursery out and cleaned up the waterer and feeder.  I figure our flock can absorb 4 new birds this summer (we lost a few this past winter – it’s been a rough one.) The plan is to get two chicks this week and then 2 more (chicks or adults) over the summer.

One of my goals this summer is to find another Salmon Flavorelle, my “lap dog” Flavorelle- Morganne, the one who would come running up to me, jump into my lap, and then fall asleep as I stroked her, was one of our winter casualties.  Boy, am I going to miss her when it comes time to sit in the backyard with the girls.

flag and chicken

Good bye, my sweet Morganne


I write about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact me at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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