Lesson 723 – Fatti Madi, the President of the United States and Me

This picture was sent to me quite a few months ago and I’m just getting it up. This was taken by a friend’s daughter; Sally who has a great blog here. Sally and her mom Jane had attended this campaign rally in Concord, NH.

You’ll have to click on the photo to get the full effect.


In the center of the picture is President Obama. Just over to the left, you’ll see a windswept person in the press bleachers focusing behind what looks like a bit of Albert Einstein’s hair. Now do you see it? That’s me with Fatti Madi. I brought that bird with me all over New Hampshire in order to get photos.

Here’s another photo with me peeking under Obama’s arm.

obama wendy

And here’s another view from that same event, from my point of view.

obama madi

Jane, Sally, Marc and my kids are all in that mass of humanity. Sometimes it’s good to be the press.

Here’s a close up of Fatti Madi, just so you’ll know her when you see her again (which you will.)


During the political campaign season I was able to get Madi’s picture taken with Bill Clinton, NH Gov. Maggie Hassan, Joe Biden, Caroline Kennedy (yup), Kelly Ayotte, Bobby Jindal, and John Sununu.

caroline kennedy and fatti maddi

This one was a bit of a “coop” (with a silent “p”)

It became a quest to try and snag these photos and I’m afraid that I made a bit of a name for myself in the press section. Some of the reporters were a little more tolerant than others (seriously, a chicken?) But then there were the really good guys, one AP reporter in particular kept an eye out for me and looked forward to holding the chicken so that I could snap a few pictures.

As we live in New Hampshire, it won’t take long for the political season to start up again.

Perhaps, I might get a Hillary and Fatti Madi sighting?


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4 responses to “Lesson 723 – Fatti Madi, the President of the United States and Me

  1. I ❤ Fatti Madi ! Great pictures Wendy…and one one with Caroline is indeed a real coop!

  2. Can I say that I am in awe. I think you US citizens are so fortunate to have such an intelligent and compassionate leader. He has given the US back the credibility that it lost under the previous President. I feel annoyed that he is met with such partisan opposition in the senate because so much good policy is watered down or not passed at all. I have never bothered to go and see any of our Prime Ministers but I WOULD seriously bother to go and hear this man speak in person. Much envy from me. His speech this week in Israel was simple and moving.

    • Wendy Thomas

      Thank you for this comment. It is always appreciated to hear about our President from others’ points of view. As a journalist, I have had to opportunity to see and interview many of our political leaders. We really have an amazing opportunity to get as involved as you’d like in the political process here.

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