Lesson 716 – Charlie and the Guinea Hens

This morning I tried to get a quick video of our Guinea hens. Actually, I tried to get the male’s “barking” sound captured but as soon as I got near he stopped, I’ll keep trying.

Instead I have this little clip of our prehistoric looking Guinea hens alongside our other flock members. The only problem was that our ex-house chicken Charlie saw that I was at the coop and so she just had to get into the picture. That’s her with the black head shot hogging the picture at the end. Mr. DeMille, she’s ready for her close-up.

It’s nice to see that even though she has transitioned well to coop life, Charlie still wants to let me know she’s around.

Guinea hens and Charlie

I guess it’s true, you can take the chicken out of the house, but you can’t take the house out of the chicken.



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2 responses to “Lesson 716 – Charlie and the Guinea Hens

  1. Hi Charlie – I love you!
    It’s interesting to see the guineas with the chickens. All peaceful and family-like.


  2. I’m a reader of Scratch and Peck and came visiting on the blog hop. Read about Charlie and had to read all about her in your blog. So sweet! I also have a house chicken. Her name is Lulu and I love her dearly. She keeps me company, makes me laugh and travels with me. Three cheers for chicken mamas!! 😉

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