Lesson 707 – The Disney of Spring Chicks

There’s a lot of buzz right now in the chicken world.  As of today we have 28 days to go until Spring (I know, can you believe it?)

If you keep your ear open for chicken chatter on the net, you’ll hear a lot of people talking about starting up their incubators soon, and/or ordering chicks for the new season. Chick nurseries are being pulled out of storage and feeders are being scrubbed and made ready.

It’s a time of high expectation. The babies are coming!

We have an existing flock and don’t have much room for more chickens but I do see a few chicks being added to our mix this summer. I’ve also offered to take on chicks from incubator class lessons knowing that with my local network, I can more than probably find homes for those we can’t keep.

Of course all of this talk about chicks has got my own little chicks talking. Two years ago for her birthday, Addy wanted her very own chick that she could name. She got a lovely Seramus beauty who was promptly dubbed “Princess Tiny.”

Princess, er Prince Tiny

Princess, er Prince Tiny

Unfortunately, Princess Tiny turned out to be Prince Tiny and had to be re-homed to a farm with a lot more land than we had. He was tiny but that bird had a set of lungs.

Addy’s next chick came from a batch we had gotten at our local Tractor Supply. Yup, you guessed it, the only chick in the entire batch to die was the one Addy had chosen.

The next year, there was no request for a birthday chick.

Although apparently, Addy still yearns for her very own chick, and now my other daughter, Emma, is getting in on request.

“Pleeeease mom? Can we? Can we?” They ask me whenever the discussion turns to chickens (which is often in our house.)

I have no problem with my daughters having their own chicks to take care of. As long as they realize that caring for a flock is not a Disney story. Chicks are going to die. Grown hens are going to fail. It’s all a fact of life and although, there is joy in caring for others, there can also be the possibility of pain.

“Oh that’s okay, we get it” my girls tell me.

“I’m going to call mine “Simba”” Addy said to Emma as they walked away already making plans for their new pals.

Maybe life is a Disney story

maybe life is a Disney story after all


I write about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact me at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

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2 responses to “Lesson 707 – The Disney of Spring Chicks

  1. My wife tends to stick with a “brand” for a long time. She stuck with me for 47 years. She had a brief flirtation with two black sex-link hens, but perhaps took one being eaten by a chicken hawk as a hint. She is back to Dominiques and has ordered two chicks for next year. Peep. Peep.

  2. too true my 6 grandchildren have not fallen in love with the chickens ,except billy age 11 and josh age 14 ….they all like to name the chickens….we got 6 in sept,2012 and lost 3 (my old fat dog decided to jump off the back porch steps into the run while i was in with the chicks. The kids were upset but as i explained no one is 100% safe…what we have to do is look out for each other and never trust your own pet..

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