Lesson 690 – More lessons learned from the flock

Good news for those who like to read about lessons learned from having chickens in your lives. I’ve recently been asked by Grit magazine *and* by Community Chickens – which is a jointly-run site between Mother Earth News and Grit magazines at Ogden Publications –  to write blog posts about our adventures with children and chickens in New Hampshire.

Although I do write (and teach classes) on the care, feeding, and maintenance of a flock, it is the life lessons we’ve all learned from living in a combined flock of children and chickens on which I will be concentrating.

I learned valuable lessons like no matter which species you belong to, all flock members have to fed, guided, entertained, taught, and tucked safely into beds at night.

And even though it is the hope of mama hens the world over that their chicks will eventually leave the nest, it is the continued job of those very same mamas to quietly cluck in worry of safety for their little ones, now grown, every day after they have left.

I’m thrilled for this opportunity and will be sharing pointers to the other posts when I get them.

Let the lessons learned continue.


Once a mama hen, always a mama hen

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com



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2 responses to “Lesson 690 – More lessons learned from the flock

  1. About 21 months ago I became a Grannie Chicken to a cute little peep named Gwendolyn. You are so right–once a gramama hen always a gramamama hen. I have made the leap into working as a full time artist an have been very busy getting my marketing all lined up as well as painting up a storm. Hope all is well with you.

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