Lesson 688 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks


I’m lucky. Lord, I’m lucky.
Carroll O’Connor

Chickens, chickens, chickens. Let’s face it, chicken people like chicken things.

Every year as a fund raiser for the Northeastern Poultry Congress, they hold a huge raffle. Honestly, I think that I sometimes go only for that spectacular event. It’s one of the most amazing raffles I have ever seen. You get to place your tickets in hopes of getting piles of toys, books, complete bedroom sets, kitchen items, nick-knacks, Halloween and Christmas decorations – you name it, it’s there.

Oh, they also have chicken supplies like egg cartons and feed but that’s for the pros. I’m here for the out-of the ordinary stuff.

As admission is not charged for the Congress, I always buy raffle tickets to support the cause. This year I purchased $10 worth of tickets and I ended up winning 3 separate auctions.

Among the things I won were:

  • That pile of toys mentioned above. I had wanted one toy in the pile and so I took it and gave the toys to the first little kid I saw in the audience. This pile also included a baby monitor which I kept to give to a friend.
  • Kitchen supplies including a vintage elephant pitcher, enormous amounts of fake-display vegetables, a shelf, chicken decorations, books, and an electric mixer. Most of this stuff has already been sent to Savers with the exception of the fake vegetables which has been delivered to a local preschool.
  • An entire pile of classics – Mark Twain, Hemingway – the kinds of books that everything thinks they should get to someday and I will read them…someday.

While it certainly was fun winning, (who doesn’t like to be a winner?) it was even more fun finding homes for the things I won with the exception of this little guy who is going to be living in my office right near Fatti-Madi from now on.


Any suggestions of a name for our newest addition?


See you next week.


As always, happy weekend everyone, health and happiness (and safety) to your flock.


Tell you what, if you want that chicken and egg garland at the top of the page, leave a comment and I’ll choose a random person on Monday.

Why not spread the chicken love, right?


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5 responses to “Lesson 688 – Quotable Chicks

  1. Stephanie Ryan

    I think if you are considering the chicken to be a “he”, you should name him Maurice! I also love the garland by the way 🙂

  2. pam

    How about calling him Cluck! Cool garland.

  3. lscheuer

    Clucky Chuckie? 🙂

  4. Question my wife asked me today. We were tossing “pumpkin guts” from organic pumpkins in the compost pile, and my wife wondered if they were safe to give to the chickens. “Maybe the seeds are too big,” she fretted. I’ve also read that pumkin seeds are are good “dewormers.” OK, chicken expert, what say you about chickens and pumkin seeds.

    • Wendy Thomas

      I’ve given my chickens whole pumpkins with the seeds many times (I’ve also given them seed blocks which contain sunflower seeds.)

      Chickens are scavengers, they will scratch at the ground and pretty much eat anything they unearth. To do this, they’ve devised a unique system in their guts. Chickens need gravel (and if they don’t have any handy, don’t worry, they’ll dig some up.) This gravel sits in their stomachs helping to grind up tough food like sticks and seed hulls. It’s like having their own internal Cuisinart.

      While pumpkin seeds may lead to some looser stools due to roughage, the seeds are not going to harm your flock.


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