Lesson 683 – Beautiful Eggs

This past Christmas, a very good friend of mine (hi Gina)gave me a most incredible gift for Christmas. Be careful of the bag, she told me. It’s fragile.

I’m not one to open gifts early and so I waited and on Christmas morning, I discovered that she had given me some of the most incredible, artful, and beautiful eggs I had ever seen.

The first egg is called a Victorian Lace Egg made by Beth Ann Magnuson at The Feathered Nest (http://www.bishophill.com/featherednest.php) To create this egg, she employed a high tech, high speed drill. The tool makes it possible to cut eggshells into intricate designs reminiscent of exquisite antique Victorian lace. Patterns are drawn and cut by hand. Each shell is a unique natural wonder, each is a are delicate work of art.



And I’d have to agree. Who knew that such beauty could arise from a simple egg?

The next egg in my gift bag is called a Magick Egg also from The Fathered Nest. To quote the insert – the egg has been viewed as an object of faith in every culture since time began. It is a symbol of new life, spring, and fertility (ed note: hope my friend didn’t send this to me for that reason, 6 is enough.) Eggs are wonders of nature, and, like people, no two alike exist. Each holds a separate life filled with endless possibilities.

Ancients believed faeries could predict the future by deciphering the random patterns found on magick woodland eggs. We fill our modern version of these ancient talismans with good fortune. Our secret process produces eggs that capture the eye and the imagination of all who behold them. Extraordinary luck, health, and prosperity will follow all who hold these magick eggs dear.


Oh, and I’m holding this one, as well as the other one. I’m holding them close to my heart. Many thanks for the beauty and good wishes, friend and now. lucky  me,  I get to pass all that good will on to others.


Update: The Feathered Nest Links have been fixed and they should work now.



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3 responses to “Lesson 683 – Beautiful Eggs

  1. Wow! That must have taken hours to do.

  2. I’m so glad you love them!! xox!

  3. The eggs are beautiful! I really like the Victorian Lace. Wonderful gifts.

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