Lesson 676 – Of one flock

One of the *best* things about having chickens is that when people know you have a flock, they send you chicken related objects. One of the sweetest gifts I got this past holiday season was this card designed by the brilliant photographer Anne Geddes. You only see the front in this photo, the card actually opens up to show a parade of 6 little chicks.

cropped babies

Just like my 6 little chicks and, even though my kids are well on their way to becoming young men and women, this is exactly how I think of them. The chicks under my care.

What makes this card even more special is that it comes from a classmate of mine from High School. (Hi Michael) we’ve connected through Facebook and have become friends again. He knows I write about chickens and sent the card thinking I would love it.

I do.

You want to know another great thing about having chickens? When you have chickens, you’re constantly reminded that, in the end, we’re all really just members of the one big giant flock that’s out there.

And that’s a great feeling.


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