Happy New Years and I’m ready to roll

Bright and shiny

Bright and shiny

And who isn’t ready for a bright and shiny New Year?

Happiest of New Years to you all. I hadn’t anticipated taking off so long from my blog but with all the chicks home in the nest, along with a few medical ups and downs, I found myself spending some much needed time with the family.

But time moves on, the older chicks are heading back to college soon, the younger ones are already back at school, and I am ready to begin a new year filled with stories, lessons learned, Fatti Maddi, and more tales from our flock.

I’ve made a list of topics I’ll be covering which will include more on winter care (it’s darn cold up here in NH these days) and frozen eggs – both topics of conversation on my Facebook page. I’ll also give you updates on our Guinea hens (including a very strange green egg that I attribute to them) and will provide status’ on the rest of our flock (including the human members.)

If there is anything in particular that you’d like covered, just leave the topic in the comments.

Our flock is currently stable, we haven’t had any losses this winter (although one of our chickens mysteriously disappeared in the fall) but I do think that especially with the laws changing in New Hampshire  now allowing you to buy as little as one chick, that we will have a new addition or two this coming Spring. I’ll certainly be keeping you updated.

Cheers to you, health and happiness in the coming year, and I’ll see you all next week.



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4 responses to “Happy New Years and I’m ready to roll

  1. Happy New Year to you too Wendy, and to all of your flock! I see Fadi-Madi is raring to go ~ Is she coming to the NE Poultry Congress this year?

  2. Hey sis–We’ve also had our chicks home, constant running around and surprise activities that challenge even the most careful of plans. Tell us about Charlie! It’s been about a year, you had to raise that chick in the winter (something about which I think you will again warn others) but how is Charlie’s first winter as a bird. And, has she lost all of her domestic pet qualities?

  3. @Linda Bickford Happy New Year from Cape Cod. I’m attending my first NE Congress this year, looking forward to it. I guess I’ll look for the chicken with bling?

    • Wendy Thomas

      Linda and Lisa,

      Of course Fatti Maddi will be there, I need more pictures (maybe one with Jan Brett?)

      Linda will you be having hens for sale? I’m not interested in a chick but I might like to get a pal for Charlie.


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