Lesson 673 – Gourds and Philosophy

When you own chickens you are given lots of chicken items by people who follow and support the flock from afar. I want to show you two of the coolest things I’ve gotten this holiday season.

First –  this chicken ornament is actually made out of a dried gourd. How creative is that?


In case you didn’t notice, we have “HOPE” on our tree so that during the holiday season we never lose it.

I look at it and I think, it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate, and what if I used our chickens’ feathers  instead of store bought feathers? Charlie feathered gourd anyone? Hmmm.

The second thing I’ve recently received is this sweatshirt that I have vowed to wear at my next chicken workshop (late January.)  There’s nothing like bringing a philosophical aspect to the conversation when discussing the benefits of owning backyard poultry.



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2 responses to “Lesson 673 – Gourds and Philosophy

  1. lscheuer

    Sweet gifts! Happy holidays to you, Wendy, and your whole flock!

  2. That ornament is too cute!

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