Lesson 655 – Pictures of the kids

Thought I’d bring out some of the chick photos.

This is Charlie. For those of you who have been following her story you know that we’ve had her since she was a day old. For almost 6 months she lived in our house as a house-chicken post foot surgery but now she rules the roost, although she did let me hold her and cluck into her ear like I used to right before I snapped this photo. Always the mama’s chicken.

Charlie is such a looker.

These are our Guinea hens. I’m still fervently hoping that they are hens and not roos, as I haven’t heard much more than a literal peep out of them, I’m very optimistic that they both might be girls. Just wanted to show you that they do, on occasion, get off the perch.

These guys move fast, almost all of my photos are blurs.

Here’s Ms. Frizzle, our Frizzle, ready for winter and looking like the warm, dust mop that she is.

Ms. Frizzle better look out on cleaning day.

And lastly, here is another one of our ladies, just letting you know how lovely she is, pretty in pink.

She’s obviously ready for her closeup.



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2 responses to “Lesson 655 – Pictures of the kids

  1. They are all so lovely, thanks, Wendy!

  2. Indeed, they are lovely. We still have four hens alive (after the loss of one to a hawk). We are stringing fishing line across the top of the mesh covering the chicken run, to make it more difficult for small hawks to squeeze through.

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