Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to yours

May the beauty and blessings of Thanksgiving bring warmth and peace to your coops this season.

Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to yours.

Remember those pumpkins? Instant holiday feast for the flock.


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3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to yours

  1. Came home from a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter’s house in Seattle to find four hens on the roost (instead of usual five). Search of the dark chicken run (locked gate, mesh, electric fence as protection) found a dead hen in a corner of the hen. Looks like she had been ripped apart by a predator. Previously, a hen had been attacked by chicken hawk (though not serioiusly injured). We had upped defenses a bit. Too dark to investigate now; will look for clues in the norning before discarding the carcass and letting survivors out of the coop. (Assuming others are OK in the morning.)

    • Wendy Thomas

      I am so sorry to hear this. What a way to end a nice holiday. You guys have had a heck of a time with loss in your flock. (and I know how painful each loss is.)

      Hope you can find some answers in the morning and that you can take whatever measures are needed to keep everyone safe.

      Thinking of you guys,


  2. You are up late. Thank you for your consoling comment. I’ll let you know if the morning search reveals any clues to the culprit and manner of entry.

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