Lesson 653 – Frost on the pumpkins and feasts


Oh look, the frost is on the pumpkin.

I came home yesterday to find these two beautiful pumpkins patiently waiting by our front porch. They were dropped off by a friend who had remembered that a no-longer needed Halloween pumpkin was one that was better served by our chickens than by the local trash.

I’m saving these delicious morsels for Thanksgiving Day. When we sit down at the table to give thanks for that which we have and for the much appreciated opportunity for all of us to come home to roost – if only for a few days – our girls will be able to feast with us as well.

After all, good will shared, is good will shared.


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6 responses to “Lesson 653 – Frost on the pumpkins and feasts

  1. I haven’t tried giving “the girls” pumpkin before! Do you just split it up and let them pick at it?

  2. My chickens won’t touch pumpkin…too bad. It would be nice to see them go crazy over the pumpkin guts!

  3. the chicken are vegetable lovers but only when it is green, but in the case of the pumpkins hey like the seeds which are like grain and a source of protien

  4. We had peppers growing in our lawn this year after we moved the chicken tractor. I’m guessing ours missed a few seeds as well.

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